Most bottled water doesn't contain the right minerals that babies need to be healthy. Right Start Baby water provides the water, your baby needs to grow healthy and happy.

Why Choose Right Start Baby Water?

Right Start Baby Water is created with the right amount of minerals to meet your babies needs. It follows a strict 8-step purification process making it ideal for formula, puree, and food preparation. In effect, no boiling is needed

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What sizes are available?

We are available in 1liter or 33.81 fl. oz per bottle.

Why are you not carrying other sizes?

We are only available at 1 Liter to ensure quality and timeliness of each bottle for consumption. This also means smaller storage space required and no need to transfer container.

What is the shelf life of Right Start?

2 years from manufacturing date.

Are you FDA Approved?


What minerals does it contain?

Calcium – 9.87mg/L

Magnesium – 1.98 mg/L

Sodium. 2.41 mg/L

How to store Right Start?

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

How long can I consume after opening a bottle

It is recommended to consume within 2 days after opening to avoid contamination.

Why should I buy Right Start vs other water brands?

It is formulated specifically for babies need to avoid dehydration and diarrhea.

What is the PH level of Right Start?

Ph level of 6 - 7, where as recommended Ph level is 5.00 -7.00

How old can my baby start drinking Right Start baby water?

It is recommended to introduce drinking water to babies 6 months and above or as soon as they start eating solid food.

Where can I buy Right Start Purified Water?

You can directly purchase it here at our website. Get Free next day shipping for minimum spend of P1000 within Metro Manila only.

What store is Right Start Purified Water available?

We are available in selected stores of:

- Mercury Drug Store

- Allday Supermarket

- Unimart

- Pioneer Center

- Makati Supermarket